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Our goal is to create a positive,encouraging community of writers in-person and online, with individuals who enjoy and engage in their craft, as well as are able to pursue and maintain their aspirations for profiting from their written and spoken words.

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Brand Your Bestseller training includes: Top 10 Reasons WHY You Need a Book Today, Different Publishing Approaches Pros & Cons, Your Three Most Valuable Pieces of Marketing Collateral (including:  two Sell Sheet Templates and Content Creation,

and two Press Release Templates and Content Creation), Recurring Revenue Success Training (including: ​Know Your Stats, Identify Your Market, Beyond the Bookstore, Seasons and Categories, Ten Tips to #1, and Titles and Testimonials), Buy-a-Thon Training (including: Touchpoint Types, Touchpoint Platforms, Touchpoint Calendar, Same-Day Sales Drive, and Follow-Up for Loyalty & Gratitude), Pulling Your Presentation Content from Your Book (plus discounted Program Creation offerings), and Next Steps ​Resource Recommendations and Listings, including Re-launch, Re-release, and Promo approaches. 

Join Bestselling Author, communications professional, and lifelong yoga instructor, Amy Oaks, as she walks you through writing that is valuable for breaking down blocks, recovering through journaling, and reflecting with learning. This workshop is a non-judgmental, non-overwhelming approach to writing and journaling in order to help you connect to past and present events, emotions, and endeavors with words. Learn how to put feelings into words, and words onto paper. Get past perfection paralysis, and be messy with your writing using stream of consciousness writing, and even doodling to get you un-stuck. No writing experience is necessary; this class is ideal for beginning journalers, therapists,  and those in recovery. Soon to be available online, no current Therapeutic Writing sessions are scheduled, but Amy is happy to bring it to YOUR organization on-demand. Email:

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Our signature workshop is taught by Founder, Reji Laberje, 7-Time Bestselling Author and the Owner and Creative Director of Reji Laberje Writing and Publishing. This 30-day plan walks you through four sets of lessons including: Idea and Detail, Buk and Believe, Style and Sequence, and Transition and Take-Apart teachings. With 30-minute daily homework, and a 3-hour block once per week, you can change your DREAM of finishing a book into a REALITY. Taught online and in-person, check back for scheduled offerings of this incredible workshop series.

Therapeutic Writing

Theatrical Writing Overview

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Theater is, for adults, what picture books are for children. The illustrations are the actors and actresses, filling in the visual pieces needed to tell the full story to the audience. Monologues, dialogues, and scenes each have their place on the ride, providing the hop onto the ride, the climb, the peak, the resolution, and the drift. Some plays have different twists, turns, and loops, but the fundamentals of getting buy-in from your audience, having a peak, and bringing your audience to a satisfying ending are all relevant. As a playwright, you get to become the architect of your own rollercoaster. THIS is the playwright’s rollercoaster experience. Theatrical Writing Overview, taught by Baltimore Playwright's Festival alum and lifelong theater afficionado, Reji Laberje, a 7-Time Bestselling Author, is currently sponsored by the Waukesha Civic Theater and will soon be available online.

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