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For our "Straight to Publish" works (or, STPs), your book (a trade or specialty book) is done, but you don't know where to go from here. Our editor and designer create a quality book that we then publish, market, release, launch, and distribute, all the while teaching you and providing the tools and content for each step of the process. Book will be available in print and, where it is appropriate, electronic format (journals and coloring books, for example, don’t have value in the E-Book format).


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We are a full-service hybrid publishing house with an author-first mentality and customized marketing and distribution strategies specific to YOUR content and target market.

In its first catalog, we proudly achieved:


2 Caldecott Submissions

​1 Newbery Submission

We love our educators at Reji Laberje Writing and Publishing and, when our authors visit schools, we often discover the hidden stories you'd like to bring to your classrooms and beyond. When we get manuscripts from educators, the work of our editors is often minimized. As such, we have a special Educator's STP package. Receive all of the benefits of our STP (see far left), plus the coaching of our STP Plus Coaching (see immediate left); however, one of your coaching sessions will be specifically dedicated to a successful editing process for you to manage on your own book, allowing us to discount this package as our "Thank You" for all you do for our children. 


What if your STP book (see at left) is just about ready, but you could use a little help in structure, flow, a single descriptive scene, a concept such as dialogue or creating a climax, etc. Because we have a team of incredible professional writers and editors, we can provide you with our Straight-to-Publish package, with four included coaching sessions customized to your need. You'll still have all of the great benefits of our publication package, PLUS the added skill set of one of our writing team members!