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Who we serve –

We proudly serve and have served public, charter, private, and parochial schools with our full assemblies, individual classroom workshops, partnerships, and extra-curricular or enrichment programs. In these presentations, our goal is never just to interest an audience in a particular title, but rather to inspire hope and draw talent from untapped resources.
Additionally, Reji Laberje Author Programs, LLC works and has worked with faith-based organizations with writing, studies, and speakers. 
Professionals, athletes, captains of industry, and celebrities have talents that they share with the world through their vocations and, often, a voice with which to additionally share life-bettering messages.  With these individuals, Reji Laberje Author Programs, LLC uses writing to ensure a message is properly delivered to an eager and open-hearted audience. 
We also work in the community with home education groups, senior living facilities, community colleges, businesses, scouting organizations, youth groups, book clubs, recovery or wellness organizations, professional speakers and coaches, and writers seeking to hone their craft. 
We are grateful to have partnered, not just with this diverse array of clients and customers, but also with top-notch editors, illustrators, speakers, writers, and other business professionals in order to bring only the best for our mission of betterment through words!

​Why you choose us –

We believe in a better world through better words, that every single person has a God-given gift intended for the purpose of bringing goodness to his or her environment, and that, at Reji Laberje Author Programs, LLC, our gift is words.  It is our desire to use words to advance the power of story for your uniquely benevolent purposes and your valued audiences with the understanding that, together, we can make stronger individuals, homes, schools, businesses, churches, organizations, communities, and lives through the motivation and inspiration we bring to light when our gifts are combined. "Every life has a story and we want to be a part of yours.  We are proud and honored for you to consider us as a partner in using better words for a better world.”

Our Twelve Core Values:

When it Comes to Our Team –

Humility . . . We are a TEAM of writers, editors, marketers, speakers, educators, and professionals; the TEAM members of Reji Laberje Author Programs, LLC  represent products, programs, services, and clients for the purpose of betterment of individuals, homes, schools, businesses, churches, organizations, communities, and lives through the written and spoken word, and not for personal accolades; rights, permissions, and credit is always appropriately addressed; moments to express gratitude are sought and responded to with sincerity; as a company, philanthropy to unifying causes is practiced to further our mission of a better world through better words.
Imagination . . . New, untested, creative ideas and approaches to each of our offerings, customization as necessary to serve each customer’s needs, and the resulting products, programs, and services from these actions, are encouraged; we seek to show what is beautiful, wonderful, and unique to a world looking for light in individuals, homes, schools, businesses, churches, organizations, communities, and lives.
Diligence . . . From conception to completion of every Reji Laberje Author Programs, LLC product, program, service, or company-to-client relationship building experience, our team members follow through on all commitments made with excellence, honesty, hard-work, and all necessary resourcefulness to ensure ultimate success.
Health . . . Our team takes on products, programs, services, and clients that hold the potential for creating harmony for individuals, homes, schools, businesses, churches, organizations, communities, and lives between social, emotional, mental, and physical entities; team members ensure alignment in their own lives, as well, in order to bring their best to each Reji Laberje Author Programs, LLC endeavor.

When it Comes to Our Clients –


When it Comes to Our Products,

Programs, and Services –


Who We Are –
At Reji Laberje Writing And Publishing, formerly Reji Laberje Author Programs, LLC., we employ a team of creative, results-focused writers, marketers, editors, speakers, educators, and professionals to empower clients through story, structured writing, and full-sensory, non-linear teaching. We maintain individuality on our team, amongst our clients, and through work within a set of values that consistently honor the lives of narratives, while respecting the voices of those to whom they belong. In this way, we develop a hope of and attitude for betterment in:Individuals
Homes, Schools, Businesses, Churches, Oganizations, Communities, and Lives.

What We Do –
To You . . . Our writing to you includes: life-affirming, narrative nonfiction, imagination-tickling books, studies for Pre-K through adulthood, engaging storytelling, entertaining and empowering live presentations, and purpose-driven, educational curricula. We write and present across a variety of genres, formats, and mediums for audiences from Pre-K through adulthood for individuals, homes, schools, businesses, churches, organizations, and communities. The “to you” line includes: Books in Many Formats, Faith-based Material, Educational Curricula, and other Related Products.
For You . . . When we collaboratively create writing for you, as we've done with experts in many fields and industries, we work with athletes, professionals, celebrities, and subject-matter leaders on projects our team feels offer passionate, motivational, loving, non-divisive messages to well-deserving target audiences. We are not ghostwriters; we are your partners. Our work can be written, spoken, or a combination thereof. We use your unique voice, combined with our experience in molding words to specific needs, in order to inspire a desired action. Our “for you” line of business is comprised of: Hourly Consultations, Content Work, Editing, Customized Marketing and Distribution Campaigns for the written and spoken word, Co-writing of Books, E-books, and Downloadable Documents and PDFs Including Marketing Documents Such As: Sell-sheets and Press Releases, Speeches and Presentations, blogs, content, Writing Retainer Subscriptions, and Publishing Packages.

From You . . . We seek to bring writing from you through untapped measures. A number of classes, workshops, presentations, and assemblies are available for audiences of 1 up to 1500 persons, including our unique book-in-a-month offerings. We teach the crafts of writing and presenting through refreshingly original approaches resulting in non-linear fiction and nonfiction across many genres.  Our full-sensory, and occasionally kinesthetic approach to teaching are both immediately engaging and functionally ideal for schools, enrichment programs, camps, recreation departments, library offerings, professional development, healing through our therapeutic writing, poetry lovers, and writers or writing groups of any age and level looking to perfect, polish, present or publish, and pitch your creations. Our “from you” line is represented to individuals, homes, schools, businesses, churches, organizations, and communities through: Classes, Programs, and Partnerships.

History . . . 

Reji Laberje was a writing hobbyist from the time she was in grade school. Her poetry and essays were published in print media by the time she was in fourth grade and her first true love, playwriting, was featured in local productions as early as her high school years. Her passion for plays and all writing carried into adulthood as a hobby.

In 1997, while living in the Baltimore, Maryland area, Reji began working with elementary students as a volunteer who ran reading and writing programs for struggling students. (The “From” line was born!)

From 2003-2006, Reji was involved in the management (at marketing, sales, and general level) in two different Borders book stores where she learned a great deal about the book industry and also about the marketing for this unique artistic field. During this same time period, Reji had two plays featured in the Baltimore Playwright’s Festival for staged readings and professional critique.

In 2007, Reji’s first print book, “The Tale Travelers Book 1: Henry’s History” was released through print-on-demand publisher, Xlibris, a Random House Imprint. (The “To” line was born!)

In 2008, we discovered purpose by deciding that every title would tie to worthy charities making impacts in literacy and in world betterment.

In 2009, Reji began to be contracted for small writing projects by churches, schools, charities, and businesses. (The “For” line was born!)

The “for” line grew further when Reji was picked up to co-write Dick Vitale’s book in 2011 by her first traditional publisher, Ascend Books.

In 2014, the company became an LLC.

Today, Reji Laberje Author Programs, LLC is a robust business, with well-developed offerings, pipelines in all lines of business, a growing team to serve our growing needs, and a positive vision for the

Farewell to Broadway.

We are giving up our office space.

You can now mail us at: 1235 Seitz Dr., Waukesha, WI 53186

Enjoy these pictures of great times (and help us make NEW memories)!