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Meet the Reji Laberje Writing and Publishing IMPACTS Team. From our Founder and Creative Director to the people who make your words come to life: authors, illustrators, publisher, photographer, videographer, and project support, as well as client and community partners. Learn about our history, what we do, our values, who we serve, and why you want to work with us. Check out some of our references and you can also enjoy some great pictures, videos, and other media. CLICK FOR MORE.

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We believe in a better world through better words . . . YOUR WORDS! Whether you need help creating your quality written or spoken words, regardless of those words being used for business or personal endeavors, we are there for you from concept to completion of content, presentations, e-books, and full publication of your books, along with all of the necessary related marketing and distribution strategies and collateral. CLICK FOR MORE.

In addition to our team of Bestselling Authors and professionals who work with celebrities, leaders, and niche experts to turn their ideas into books, we also work with authors and playwrights across many genres to help get THEIR words and thoughts in front of THEIR audiences! Check out this awesome list of books and titles including those in the field of: personal and professional development, juvenile fiction and nonfiction, adult fiction and memoir, plays, and gift and activity books. CLICK FOR MORE.

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From our proprietary Book-in-a-Month Program to Theatrical Writing, Business Writing, Therapeutic Writing, & more; we have a program to meet every writing need. Our goal with writing workshops is to create a positive, encouraging community of writers in-person and online, with individuals who enjoy and engage in their craft, as well as are able to pursue and maintain their aspirations for profiting from their written and spoken words. CLICK FOR MORE.

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