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ALL WRITERS in Waukesha and beyond can join us in our passion to create a better world through better words with our vision of:

"Meaningful writing to, for, and from you to make far-reaching, positive impacts."

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Dr. Spence Taintor talks about his book:

"Building Authentic Confidece in Children"

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We bring your written and spoken words from concept to completion:

  • Classes and community partnerships teach the business and art of writing!
  • Consultations with professional writers, editors, publishers, and marketers!
  • Editing, Content, and other Hourly Writing Work.
  • Co-writers become your partners, guiding you through the entire process!
  • Publishers provide comprehensive (product with necessary editing, marketing, and media assistance) print and electronic packages!
  • Professional speech writers will help to create the perfect presentation adjustable to your target audiences!
  • Our retainers,  provide specific and purpose-guided project timelines for everything from vision and mission statements, to content and social media posts, to bios and info-sheets, to developing brochures and sell sheets, all with consideration for the ABC's (availability, budget, and your customer-base)!

Already have your written or spoken piece? We answer your 'now what?'

  • Build Your Back Table! If you speak, create white papers, sell sheets, web content, and even your electronic and print-published books with us!
  • Build Your Front-of-the-Room! If you write, we can create that perfect presentation targeted to your perfect demographic!

What our clients say!

Blessed to work with schools, churches, celebrities, athletes, and leaders across a variety of specialties including finances and taxes, technology, fitness, motivation, manufacturing, management, coaching, eductiongenres, and MORE!  CLICK HERE to see what a few of them are saying about Reji Laberje Author Programs (RLAP)!